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Monday, November 21, 2005

Colored Yamaha Motorcycle Lever Covers

Do you think you need to get new bike lever covers for your Yamaha motorcycle?

Nowadays, innovation is just but ordinary. In fact, it is a trend. Flashy colors and effective designs are carried over even to motorcycle parts. Actually, they are very in demand. Thus, you need not wonder why the parts are evolving and getting more colorful than ever.

Yamaha motorcycle parts new additions are colored motorcycle lever covers. These lever covers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and their combinations.

If your concern is having more for less, then, you can opt to have this one set of one size that fits all cover. However, be choosy and meticulous in picking your choices. Do not sacrifice your quality over savings.

Nonetheless, if you want your bike lever covers to be handmade there are motorcycle manufacturers and stores that are offering the same. Color choices are plenty. Instead of the usual black, colors ranges from teal, turquoise, tobacco, cream, red, navy and more. With regards to sizes, purchasers can have his free choice of his fringe length. If you are one of those riders who do not believe tick lever covers then this is the right choice for you. Fringe colors and laces are fascinating. Try them for yourself!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Spaced out for a while...

Hiya fellow Yamaha motorcycle enthusiasts! Have not blogged for awhile...' been about tinkering about on my garage and on days between eating and sleeping -- i have been really into keeping my bike into tip-top condition -- preparing it for my first ultimate winter riding experience!

The online dealer of Yamaha motorcycle parts help me a lot with info and much needed stuff! Check it out!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

‘Not-So-Ordinary Helmets’

Helmets come in different styles, colors and designs. However, there are also those helmets which are ‘not-so-ordinary’ in the sense that they are made not in the ordinary manner. Some are handcrafted and can withstand heavier g loads.

Kneeslider in his entry Motorcyclist helmet test update, introduced us to not-so-ordinary helmets. According to him, “These helmets are designed for some Formula 1 drivers and would go for around $6,000 to $10,000 per helmet! They are hand made beauties and mass production is simply not possible. New linings are also available for some military helmets that deliver fewer g’s in head impacts. Several new liner materials are currently being tested and we may see these in helmets we can buy in a couple of years.

These kinds of helmets are exceptional. They give maximum protection to the user. Just imagine the racers using it. If they are not that tough and durable, the racers could have injured horrible accidents.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Star Twin’s Clarifications

Kneeslider in his article Star Twin responds to Thunder Star questions posted on made some queries on the controversial and upcoming Star Twin bike – Thunder Star 1200 TDI diesel motorcycle. According to him, there has been misinformation in several magazine write ups about the said bike. To quote him: “For instance, Streetfighters magazine had both 180 kilometers per gallon and 180 miles per gallon, an easy slip but quite a difference.”

There have been a lot of inaccurate data spreading so kneeslider took the initiative to clarify. According to Jeroen Bernart, Thunder Star designer, The ThunderStar 1200 TDI fuel consumption varies with the machine.

He further added, “It is difficult to provide accurate data since it is still a prototype. This means we change a lot on the machine and have not done real fuel economy test. As for the power output, we are also experimenting with different mappings. This results in different power outputs so I hope you can imagine we can not give a final power output.”

Truly, those who are responsible in making public data and other valuable information must be extra careful in delivering the same to public. Any misinformation will affect the insights in connection with the product. Purchasers can be mislead by the data. The write ups might have already preconditioned their minds so as to expect for the wrong expectations.

On one hand, the credibility of the product is also affected. Thus, it is better not to release sham details so as not to confuse the public.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Friendly Rider’s Advice

If you want to purchase motorcycle accessories, apparel and the likes and you want to get it at the most favorable price you can try this tricks from our fella rider by the name of gothicbeaST. He posted this tricks on so you gotta visit it to save a considerable sum.

From the above mentioned page you can get tips on how to locate the best priced rider’s item you want. Believe me, the difference may astound you. Those which you think are very expensive items can reach your hand at a reasonable price!

Just think about a KBC Force Airborne helmet for $129, a pair of Alpinestars GP Pro gloves for $69! Whew! Great deals indeed!

I for one have learned a lot from the entry. Thank goodness it was shared by a fella rider. Now we can be freed from the burden of paying too much that it hurts our pocket!

Helmets are for the Brainers

GothicbeaST in his blog entry entitled Boomerang Rider’s, Harley’s, Bar Hopping and no helmets…. A ticket to disaster, gave a summary of the motorcycle fatalities. His summary reads:

Another day dawns, and our friends at took a few minutes to post a lovely article about motorcycle fatalities increasing.

The quick summary is:
- 4,008 motorcycle riders were killed in highway accidents in 2004
- An increase of 7.9% over 2003.
- In 2003, the fatality rate was 38.38 per 100 million miles traveled.
- In 2002, the fatality rate was 34.23 per 100 million miles traveled.
- 81% rise in motorcycle deaths in
Florida in a three-year period after the state repealed its law in 2000

In October 2001 NHTSA issued a study on motorcycle accidents with some interesting highlights based on 1998 Data
- 2,284 motorcycle riders were killed in highway accidents in 1998.
- 46% of fatally injured motorcycle drivers were not wearing helmets in 1998.
- NHTSA estimates that helmets reduce the likelihood of a fatality by 29%.
- 31% of Motorcycle drivers involved in fatal crashes were intoxicated.
- In 1998, 500 motorcyclists lives were saved due to helmet usage; 307 could have been saved.

- Using the above data, 884 peoples lives might have been saved by everyone wearing a helmet in 2004.

Never add yourself to the riding idiots who think that wearing helmet is the dumbest things to do. Of course nothing can guarantee life but we can reduce the possibility of injuries that can cause death. Since most of the accidents injure the head and the brain the best that we can do is to protect our heads with helmets!

The Motorcycle Diaries

Who will ever forget the disarming appeal of the Argentine-born Marxist revolutionary and Cuban guerilla leader - Che Guevera? This man charmed and inspired a lot of people to fight poverty and illness as well as to yield social justice. His mark as one of the most influential communist figures in the world stays and continues to persuade.

In commemoration with Guevera’s contribution Diarios de motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries) was made. This movie was based on a journal written by Guevera himself. The movie is all about the escapades on a 1959 Norton 500cc motorcycle of a 23-year-old Guevera, a medical student together with Alberto Granada across South America. They traveled from Argentina to Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. In San Pablo, Chile, they volunteered to work in a leper colony where Guevera’s urge to revolt started.

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal played the role of Guevera. He was the first and only choice of the director Walter Salles. Granada is played by Rodrigo de la Serna. Guevera’s love interest is played by the alluring Mia Maestro.

Bobby Maisnam in his blog entry posted on commented on the english-version of the movie. In his entry he said, “Great movie. Breathtaking scenery. Definitely worth watching - even with subtitles”.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’ll take his word for that. I’m sure gonna grab a copy and have one nice evening with Mia! ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Call to Patriots…

The President has recently said that they are working with energy companies for the restoration of pipelines and major refineries devastated by Katrina. In addition, he also announced the temporary disruption of gasoline products. The law regarding shipping between American ports and ships has been temporarily waived to accommodate America’s demand for gasoline. The challenge now is how to live with the disruption.

GothicbeaST writes in an article entitled Being patriotic by saving fuel…Ride to work posted on

Ok, so hear goes the deal, our president is asking us to save fuel by conserving. And what could be more conservation oriented than riding your motorcycle to work each day. So I am making a pledge to ride the motorcycle each day to work till gas is below $2.75 a gallon in the Phoenix Metro area. My current cage drinks gas at a rate of 22 mpg, and my ST1300 drinks gas at a rate of 42mpg. That is a 20mpg savings, and with a round trip of 82 miles per day, I would reduce my gas usage from 3.7 gallons to less than 2 gallons. At 1.7 gallons saved per day or about 37.4 gallons per month.

So join me in my Patriotic action in reducing my gas usage by almost 40 gallons per month.”

We must do something to address this problem. One thing that is indispensable these days is to cut off on our gasoline consumption. One good suggestion is to ride to work on a bike. This isn’t a pretty taxing contribution. In fact, Aside from the fact that it can save us number of gallons per month, it can also slash our budget.

This suggestion is quite practicable and feasible. Let us unite to circumvent this plight. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy your patriotic contribution!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Essence of the Law

Michigan lawmakers have recently enacted its Motor Vehicle Law. It states that a motorcycle owner may never let a non-licensed person operate his/her motorcycle.

If you are going to Michigan you have to be acquainted with their vehicle law. If you haven’t known yet, Michigan law requires a special endorsement to an operators license to drive a motorcycle. It is an offense to drive a motorcycle without an endorsement and can add points to your driving record.

Another requirement for those less than 18 years of age is to complete a rider education course approved by the Department of Education before he/she can apply for a motorcycle permit. Although permit applicants over 18 years are not required to take a driving course, it is well recommended for amateur riders to take for their own good.

According to statistics, almost 50% of motorcycle fatalities involved riders not properly licensed and so this law is made to circumvent these incidents.

Leather Power

When you are on the streets and you happen to stare at the passersby, you will probably notice the popularity of leather when it comes to our daily choice of clothing. Leather jackets, pants, shoes are considered all-time favorite. Even the females are enthralled by its elegance. Leather skirts, tube tops, blouses, jackets and shoes are hip. Even the rider’s trend of clothesline is affected by this craze.

Leather is a big part of motorcycle trend nowadays. I for one am a leather fanatic. Starting from vests or jackets, pants or chaps, gloves to boots, I’m using leather. No wonder leather has become the topmost priority of riders.

Leather jackets and vests are made up of soft and durable naked leather. They are pleasant to touch and wear. Pants or chaps are made with exceptional fit to accommodate leg movements. Gloves, on the other hand, are made to last for years. They even develop a better fit through time. Finally, boots are created ruggedly elegant and tough.

It’s nice to be comforted by leather. You miss one-half of your life as a rider if you fail to experience its soothing comfort and extreme durability!

6 Ways To Prevent Mishaps

Mishaps are sometimes unforeseeable but still preventable. Here are the 6 easy ways to prevent it:

1. Check your motorcycle parts and fluids. Detect leakage and fix it immediately. Know a good motorcycle parts dealer for replacement purposes

2. Follow traffic rules. Rules are simple but riders make them complex. If you want to live ride by the rules.

3. Wear protective apparel. They protect the riders against pricks, fractures, fall, limps and fatal injuries.

4. Keep distance. Be cautious of huge vehicles and the driving styles of their drivers. Dump trucks, tractors, buses and the rest of the humongous vehicles can not stop at an instant.

5. Remember that the left lane is for passing. If you intend to pass, do it safe and quick.

6. Apply turn signals.

Continue living the world by riding hassle-free and worry free!